The course aims to develop academic as well as clinical skills in the use of Ultrasonography in perioperative and Intensive care practices. This should enable the student to practice independently and take responsibility of his own learning needs. The structured learning programme will encourage the student to work towards acquiring skills needed for clinical and advance practice in their own health care environment. It is expected that on successful completion of various modules, the student will have acquired appropriate knowledge and skills in order to deliver better patient care.

Programme structure
The programme has a modular structure and consists of compulsory and optional modules. There are special modules for Masters Courses. All modules require undergoing clinical experience and the completion of a clinical portfolio. Each module is followed by an assessment. Credit points are gained on the completion of module. Number of credits will determine the postgraduate awards.

The PG courses is delivered by distributed learning alongside a comprehensive series of courses both practical and web-based learning depending on the type of course. The Certificate course carries 60 credits, Diploma 120 credits and Masters 180 credits at Higher Education Level where 1 credit equates to 10 hours of study / assessment. Most participants would normally take one year to complete the Certificate (total one year), one additional year for Diploma (total two years) and another additional year for Masters (total three years) from the time of registration for the respective courses. 

The courses would be fairly flexible in terms of timing such that part-time study for all or part of the course is possible within the norms. The rules allow a maximum of five years from date of registration to complete the programme. In addition courses and conferences recognized by the SUA that Students have attended previously and within 5 years of the registration date may be eligible for Accredited Prior Learning (APL) allowing exemption from up to 30 credits. It is possible to temporarily drop out of the course. But Student should join back within a reasonable period of time (and with the prior approval of the university/SUA office). It is expected that the total time to complete the Masters should not exceed 5 years (three years in case of Diploma). Individual circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. It is important that Student discuss any changes to their status on the programme with the consultant supervisor and with the SUA/University office Administrator at an early stage. Also, no communication and approval from the programme director within six months from normal completion date may require Student to re-register with the course.

General Description


PG Course title


Mode of study

Normal course

Extended course

Postgraduate Certificate

Certificate in ‘Ultrasound in Perioperative & Critical Care’

12 months

24 months

Distributed learning and workshop

Postgraduate Diploma

Diploma in ‘Ultrasound in Perioperative  & Critical Care’

12 months

24 months

Distributed learning, workshops and at least one short residential courses *

Postgraduate Degree

Masters in ‘Ultrasound in Perioperative  & Critical Care’

24 months

36 months

Distributed learning, workshops and at least two short residential courses*

*These short residential courses are organized in country of Student’s normal residence to provide training pertaining to the clinical practice of their country and avoid VISA requirements. The Students are allowed to attend the short residential courses at their own expenses and arrangements in country/centres of their choice subject to approval of the VISA. Also, when it is not possible to arrange a centre locally, the applicant will be required to either take extra extended modules (one for Diploma and two for Masters) or to attend these courses at their choice of centres, nationally or overseas at their own expanses.


Postgraduate certificate/Diploma/Degree in ‘Ultrasound in Perioperative and Critical Care’

Programme Accreditation

The Society for Ultrasound in Anaesthesia

Awarding Institution

The Society for Ultrasound in Anaesthesia

Aims of the Programme

  • To help the students (anaesthetist, Intensivists, surgeons, physicians, A&E physicians, perioperative doctors and others*) acquire specialist knowledge in the field of ultrasonography in perioperative and Intensive care.
  • To imbibe a range of practical and technical skills to carry out various procedures as deemed necessary for the clinical practice.
  •  To develop an approach to integrated learning with appropriate internal and external assessments.
  • To improve standards of patient care in perioperative and Intensive care practice.
  • To promote ‘ultrasonography in perioperative & Critical care’ as a postgraduate speciality.