PG Certificate (basics)

  • Basics of Ultrasonography
  • Sono-anatomy & cadaver prosections
  • Scanning  and needling technique
  • Ultrasonography in clinical practice
  • Vascular access
  • Nerve blocks- Femoral, Sciatic, Brachial plexus and upper limb nerves.
  • Basic critical care procedures

PG Diploma (In addition to above and intermediate level)

  • Various vascular accesses ( Venous & arterial)
  • Regional anaesthesia & nerve blocks- Peripheral  and truncal
  • FAST
  • FATE & Advanced critical care procedures

Includes all of above and at advanced level-
Special Modules-

  • Critical care
  • TOE
  • Central neuraxial
  • Respiratory
  • Chronic Pain
  • Paediatric

Workshops & Attendance

  • Attendance at one SUA approved workshops is essential for the certificate course. It is desirable that the workshop should include cadavers/prosection demonstrations.
  • Attendance at two SUA approved workshops is essential for the Diploma. Teaching on at least one ultrasound course and attendance to at least one short residential course or clinical attachment is desirable
  • Attendance at 2 SUA approved workshops is essential. Teaching / faculty member in at least one course is essential. Ultrasound workshop/courses should cover Paediatric ultrasound course and TTE/FATE course besides adult vascular access and regional anaesthesia.